We’ve received a few questions about getting your events and scheduled matches on the shared master calendar.  We’ve made gathering your matches and events a priority here at the DataBaseBall.Club and we have a few ways to add events to the Calendar.

The first is through the events calendar itself.  We have an add event button at the top of the calendar that anyone can use to add their match or whatever type of Vintage Base Ball related activity you may have. Simply fill out the form and your event will be in a queue to review then added to the map relatively quickly.

One of the awesome features is the Event Map that shows where the scheduled event is happening.  When you fill out the form if you add your location to the map it will be placed on the Event Map.

The second way to add dates is to send us a .ico file.  Depending on what calendar software you may use we are able to take your .ico file from Google Calendar, Apple’s Calendar and Outlook and add it to the database as a whole.

If you have any questions on how to add events to the calendar please feel free to email databaseballclub@gmail.com


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