We’ve had a few potential members wondering about the sign up process so we’ve made this handy little how to to make it as easy as possible.

STEP 1: Click the Login/Register button in the upper right


STEP 2: If you’re already a registered user just enter your username or email and password to access the DataBase. 
If you’re a new user click the sign up button in the upper right


STEP 3: Create a unique username, add your email and password Then fill out the player profile form. It is important not to use “quotes” around nicknames and if you want to be placed correctly on the member map put your address or the nearest address in the locations area on the form.


STEP 4: After you’ve completed the form make sure to  Click the sign up button to complete the registration.


STEP 5: The successful signup screen should appear after your submission is sent. Go check your email for your link.


STEP 6: Email and Verification Key should be in your inbox and look like the following screen.
Your verification key is the string of letters and numbers following the / after the word activate.  If you copy this key minus the / marks this is your verification code. Click the link in the email and place the verification key.


STEP 7: Where to place the Verification Key. 


STEP 8: Successful activation page When you see this screen you can log in. 


If you still have any problems with logging in or registering at the site please email databaseballclub@gmail.com