Some general questions about the DataBaseBall.Club

Why create a registry for vintage and historic base ball players

To help bring together the unique brotherhood of Vintage Base Ball Enthusiasts

There’s a community for everything under the sun so why not gather the best and brightest in the Vintage Baseball world to keep the conversations going about the matches long after they’ve been concluded.  This community is about building that family of players, organizers, and enthusiasts of the vintage game.

Who can register for the DataBaseBall.Club?

This site is for anyone interested in America’s pastime

Players, fans, family members, friends, tournament or event organizers.  This site is open to anyone who wants to stay in the loop on what is happening in the game of baseball and specifically the ever growing vintage base ball community.

How much does this cost?

The DataBaseBall.Club site is Free.

We’re not here to make money.  We want to make connections.  We want you, the historic base ball enthusiast, to have a place to bond with your brothers and to keep the conversations going long after the match is complete.

Will there be advertising on the site?

We’re not a fan of onlineadvertising.

We have no intentions of dropping ads all over the DataBaseBall.Club site.  We will have a links section to help gather clubs into one central location.  We do however understand that this will cost money to maintain.  A possibly some title sponsorship positions on the site has been suggested and very limited and relevant advertising isn’t completely out of the question.

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