I know what you’re probably thinking.  Another nutty idea from one of the brainiacs in the world of Vintage and Historic Base Ball.  Well we can assure you that your initial thoughts are spot on.  We’re trying to get a nicely designed and well functioning site for the community to use to communicate, find tournaments and just get an overall sense of the online community for Vintage Base Ball.


Well first of all we hate Facebook and have decided to tell them to go P1$$ up a rope. We’re making this community with baseball in mind first and foremost.

Yes there are already a ton of websites dedicated to every form of baseball but this one is going to initially be a site dedicated to Historic Base Ball.  Its players, organizers, fans and it is open to any enthusiast of the game.

Secondly we wanted to make this site open to every club, team and organization that focuses specifically on historic baseball.  A free and open site to let members communicate with their squads but also get to know each other more between the various clubs out there.

Like we stated in the headline above, this site will be a work in progress.  We’re working out some of the kinks that will absolutely be worked out as we move along this uncharted trail.

What I can tell you at this point is we’re excited to get this thing live for the community to sink their teeth in.

What will be on the site? What is going to make me want to return and participate? 

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