Good morning gents. Yesterday after a few moments of thinking about this site we began opening up to the general vintage ballplayer to let them explore and run the site through more of a realistic test of what it can handle.

Being as cautious as ever we are still calling this the beta stage of this whole thing but we want the DataBaseBall.Club to trickle out to more and more of our Vintage Base Ball Brothers and Sisters.

With that in mind if you have someone you’d like to share the link with please do, but let them know that we’re still in the early stages and in the mindset of being overly cautious at this point.

This is all to make sure we can maintain a site with no downtime, no issues with any sign ups and to just make the process as smooth as possible.

Thanks for taking the time so far and hopefully you early adopters are here with us at the start of something pretty special. Thanks and patience as we grow.


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