The new sign up how to page

We’ve had a number of people ask about the signup process so we’ve added a page outlining how it works. Head over to DataBaseBall.Club/signup or click the Sign-Up Process link under the about menu. We realize this news comes to those who have already signed up but we’re hoping you can pass this along to members of […]

Easier access to searching the DataBaseBall.Club

In an effort to make the DBBC as useful as possible we’ve added a search feature in the main menu right next to the MY PROFILE button.  This menu searches the entire site, its members, groups and pages. It is a live search that will keep your searches from the past and allow you to […]

Adding your events to the Calendar

We’ve received a few questions about getting your events and scheduled matches on the shared master calendar.  We’ve made gathering your matches and events a priority here at the DataBaseBall.Club and we have a few ways to add events to the Calendar. The first is through the events calendar itself.  We have an add event […]

The early stage access to the DataBaseBall.Club has begun

Good morning gents. Yesterday after a few moments of thinking about this site we began opening up to the general vintage ballplayer to let them explore and run the site through more of a realistic test of what it can handle. Being as cautious as ever we are still calling this the beta stage of […]

We’re just getting this thing off the ground so bear with us

I know what you’re probably thinking.  Another nutty idea from one of the brainiacs in the world of Vintage and Historic Base Ball.  Well we can assure you that your initial thoughts are spot on.  We’re trying to get a nicely designed and well functioning site for the community to use to communicate, find tournaments […]